4.The Possibility Programme: Even More-Harmonious Living


Fear often stops us moving forward. We encourage participants to consider if fear is an obstacle in their lives. We look at where this fear is coming from, and we give them tools to help them move forward in spite of fear.

‘The Inner Child’

The Inner Child is the part of your personality that still reacts and feels like a child. Lack of connection to your Inner Child can result in both emotional and relationship difficulties. Without getting too deep, we explore ways to connect with your Inner Child.

Living Harmoniously with Differences

In our relationships with others, we often find ourselves where we never intended to go. We learn that differences can actually enhance our relationships once we love ourselves more and try to understand others.


Many of us believe that our happiness depends on other people and other things. We expect to get it from the job promotion, the new car or from other people meeting our expectations. Here, we look at the fact that we are constantly chasing happiness, but it is something we can give ourselves.

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