One to One Life Coaching

Are you struggling with an issue, or a number of issues, that are holding you back from enjoying life and having happiness and good health? If so, then our experience and training may be of great benefit to you. Coaching is a way of empowering people to find the best solutions to a difficult situation. As life coaches, we encourage and support you as you make important choices. We listen deeply, challenge you, and keep you moving forward towards your dreams and goals.

Some of the challenges that people have recently came to us for coaching include:

  • Procrastination
  • Hoarding
  • Career changes
  • Dealing with work-related problems
  • Managing relationships
  • Feeling not good enough
  • Building self-confidence and self-belief.

In coaching, we do not solve your problems. Rather, we reflect and question you, as you explore the many different angles to your challenges. We support you as you face up to tough realities (In many cases people may live in denial about the true reality of their problems). With new insight, you are then enabled to make the best decisions for you. You are empowered to implement the changes you need to make.

Our coaching is completely confidential therefore our clients never have to worry that anything they tell us will be repeated to another person.

How does our coaching work?

If you think our coaching could help you, then you are probably right. Call or email us and we will arrange to have a free introductory chat exploring whether coaching would be the right option for you.

If the decision is made to proceed with coaching, we then arrange four one-hour sessions. Our coaching is conducted face to face in a place and at a time that suits both you and the coach. However, if wished, we can agree to do the coaching online (via Zoom), or by telephone, whichever is most appealing to you.

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