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What People Are Saying

I found it very helpful to take some time out for myself and think about how I approach things in life. Accepting that it is okay to be angry was helpful and I have thought about this since. I also found it useful to think about the benefits of being open minded and not holding onto self-limiting beliefs.

Michelle, unemployed, participant The Possibility Program – Live Your Best Life

The course gave me a new insight into the way I look at myself. I gained belief and confidence in myself. Things were explained in a friendly and practical way covering lots of interesting topics and sharing useful information.

John, student, participant The Possibility Program – Live Your Best Life

Following the course, I am more aware of my boundaries. This allows me to take better care of myself at work. The session on Tolerating Behaviour helped me to stop wasting time on people and things that are not important to me. The course helped me to have courage to speak about what I need to say even when it is difficult.

Margaret, carer, participant The Possibility Program – Harmonious Living

The course gave me a new insight into how and why I think the way I do. It made me look at things in my life differently especially the way I approach dealing with problems. I gained perspective, clarity, direction and motivation. I would definitely recommend this course. It is especially useful for people who can’t face their problems.

Marie, mother and home maker, participant Want to Make Changes in Your Life

It was nice to be in good company for a couple of hours every Thursday evening. I particularly wanted to learn more about boundaries and I believe I did. More clarity has come in this area, benefiting my work and personal life. Also, I believe I am more self-aware and that is fabulous.

Helen, Nurse participant June Focus Discussion Workshops

Nicola and Liz facilitated various modules of “The Possibility Program” for us on a number of occasions in the last two years. We had good attendance at their courses and in more recent times online. They are excellent facilitators, very organised and they prepare so well. Feedback has always been positive and participants are often disappointed when the course comes to an end.

Máire Ni Dhomhnaill, Director, The Family Centre, Castlebar, Co Mayo, Ireland

Liz and Nicola came to speak to our group about self-care and minding ourselves. We had approached speakers prior to this but they were not able to accommodate us. I was delighted when I saw the advertisement for The Possibility Illuminators in my local supermarket. I contacted them straight away and after a short discussion we agreed a time and date. They were easy to work with. They tailored the workshop to suit our requests. They were professional and approachable. On the night of the workshop, they made everyone feel relaxed and welcome. We got to ask questions at the end of the night and we felt we came away with new information and new ideas to mind ourselves going forward. It was enjoyable, informative and engaging. The presenters made the whole experience really easy and stress free.

Kathleen, leader of mental health group

In her coaching Liz left me feeling better and at ease almost immediately. She offers a good listening ear, total confidentiality and privacy, wisdom and life experience. In today’s world, we all need a coach like Liz to ground us.

Geraldine, Secretary

A friend of mine had recommended coaching and I had mixed ideas about it. I made contact with Nicola and felt comfortable to explain my reservations. From the start, I felt at ease and listened to. I did not realise all the excuses I had been making and how they had stopped me moving forward. I don’t think I would have ever seen this if I did not go for coaching. I had a real habit of blaming other people and felt they stopped me from being able to do what I wanted. I can see now that it was easier to blame others because then I did not have to take responsibility for myself. I did four sessions and hope to return for more.

Laura, Office Worker