3.The Possibility Programme: Harmonious Living

Head & Heart Values

Now that we are more in-tune with our values we break these down into two categories. Head values help us accomplish tasks while heart values refer to how we treat people. We examine the balance of these values in our daily living, and how we apply these values to ourselves as well as to others. With this increased awareness we can lead happier more harmonious lives.

Habits and Patterns

We all have habits and patterns of behaviour and thinking. We are aware of some of these habits and patterns, but unaware of others that are hidden. We help people become aware of their habits and reflect on which ones which ones are working well for them and which ones might need to be changed.

Boundaries & Tolerations

Boundaries are essential for healthy relationships and a healthy life. Personal boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves within relationships. If we do not have healthy boundaries, we may tolerate unacceptable behaviour. We can become exhausted and angry. In this talk we look at our own boundaries and tolerations. This helps us to ensure that we are being fair to ourselves and allows us to live our best lives.


Putting expectations on ourselves, and on situations, can sometimes make us unhappy if things do not work out the way we want them to. This talk looks at what expectations are, how they can sometimes influence our lives in a negative way, and how to manage these expectations so that we can be happier.

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