5.Want to Make Changes in Your Life – The Possibility Programme

This course enables participants to make changes in their lives. It acknowledges that often, we have great ideas and we want to move forward with these ideas, but our thoughts about ourselves and about our abilities hold us back. The course helps people become aware of what holds them back, the patterns they have created, and the patterns they struggle to break. Following awareness of what’s holding people back, the participants develop skills to move forward and keep motivated with these changes until they become habit.

Topics covered on this course include:

Reality Check: Confront the Truth

Telling ourselves the truth is often a simple act, but one that takes courage. Admitting the truth will set us free and on a path to a life that is very rewarding. There is time to reflect on simple but brave questions eg What truth(s) have you avoided admitting to yourself? In what way(s) has this affected your ability to make progress in your life?

Manage Your Thoughts

This talk looks at the thoughts in your head and how you relate to yourself. Most of what we think are just old thoughts that we go over repeatedly. We look at ways to create new thoughts which will help you going forward.

Build Your Faith and Self-Belief

From time to time we all have doubts, but doubt is one of the main reasons for not achieving our dreams. When we believe that we will succeed our actions follow that belief. Action follows faith. We think about and consider areas where we need to strengthen our faith as this gives us confidence in the possibility of success.

Adjust Your Attitude

Owning your own happiness and becoming responsible for creating the life you want is the theme of this talk. We explore ways to get clear about what you want and move on from the old habit of talking negatively to yourself.

Take Action

We can all write the story of our own lives. If our lives are going in the wrong direction, we have the power to stop, turn around and choose a new direction. We all have the ability to do this. We discuss the need to start taking action first, then motivation will follow.


The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. When you know yourself, you can have better relationships with others. Here, we explore the relationship you have with yourself and then look at who you spend most of your time with and ask “Are they bringing out the best in you?”

Maintain Your Motivation

We all have the power to make changes in our own lives. However we often give away this power by blaming others, negative self-talk, and quitting because it is too hard. Here, we look at ways to commit to change, to take action and to sustain that action.

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