1.The Possibility Programme: Live Your Best Life

Values and Beliefs

Values refer to our judgement of what is important in life. Our values guide us in what actions are best to take and what way is best for us to live. Many people go through life not being fully aware of their values. This can lead to difficulty in making important decisions. We start our programme by reflecting on our values and becoming more confident in living our lives in a way that is right for us. We discuss self-limiting beliefs and self-liberating beliefs and how we can become aware of our own power by cultivating belief in ourselves.

The Inner Critic

Your inner critic can be described as the negative thoughts you have about yourself. These thoughts can create a prison in your mind. We look at where that critical voice in your head comes from, what purpose it fulfils, and how to befriend it to get better results in your life.

Self-Compassion and Self Care

Self-compassion and self-care are extremely important to our overall health. We must first look after ourselves in order to take care of others. Have we become human doings as opposed to human beings? Do we feel we must constantly improve ourselves? We help people to look at how they are looking after themselves, and how treating themselves with self-compassion can give them a happier life.

Build Your Faith and Strength

Good physical health is reflected in a strong healthy body with good immunity. In order to live our best lives, we also need to have good mental health, good emotional health and good spiritual health. We discuss practical ways to improve these four key aspects of health.

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