Finding Joy!

What brings you joy?

Don’t know………?

Then it’s time for you to stop and think. Reflect.

If you can find and appreciate joy in the little things in life, in the routine everyday things, then, you will come to realise that you have much to be thankful for.

Sometimes it takes pain to make us appreciate what we have. For example, when we recover from illness, we place more value on our health. The restrictions on movement during COVID lock down means that we no longer take for granted our freedom to go out and meet people. In Spring, after dark Winter days we look forward to the warmth and brightness of longer, sunnier days.

As these painful situations change (our health improves, restrictions are lifted, there is less darkness) our sense of appreciation and joy heightens. It is important that we become aware of these changes that increase the joy in our lives.

What recent changes have occurred in your life, that have brought you joy?

How have you expressed this joy?

Have you:

  • Said a prayer of thanks?
  • Smiled more?
  • Interacted positively with others?
  • Shared your happiness?
  • Played with your children?
  • Visited someone who needs company?
  • Treated yourself?
  • Treated somebody else?
  • Played with the family pet?
  • Sang?
  • Danced?

The coincidence is that, by expressing your joy in any of these ways you will find that your joy increases.

My challenge for you is: Start to notice the joys that you experience in your ordinary everyday routine eg the sounds of your favourite music, the taste of your food, the sights in your surroundings, the feeling of calm and relaxation after a good rest. Observe and enjoy the positive effects this has on your life.

Liz Rafferty


Published On: December 5, 2022