Do you fall into the trap of taking offence, and possibly even feel wounded, when somebody says or does something that you don’t like? You may be surprized to hear it, but many people do. Taking offence can become a habit.

If we are easily offended by the words or actions of others, then we are giving away our power, and allowing ourselves to be controlled by others. Now, who wants to do that?

Correct. Not me!

When I was a young adult I wanted to be liked by everyone. I now realise that we are all different. We have different ambitions and different desires. Sometimes we want the same things. It’s not possible to always get what I want. I may disagree with what other people say or do.

Do I take offence?

Honestly, I try my best not to. Often, people can say something which can be misinterpreted, or, can be heard in the wrong way. What is said, or even done, can be unintentionally hurtful.

It can help to talk to someone you can trust. You may get peace by setting up a meeting with the person who said or did something that triggered pain for you. Good communication leads to understanding and clarity. It can reduce your need to feel offended.

Looking after yourself too, with rest, relaxation, leisure, pleasure, love and fun all help to build up your resilience and sense of self-worth.

Breaking habits, even if they are bad habits, takes a lot of energy, but it is worth the effort. You will feel happier and more energised once you break the bad habit of allowing yourself to become easily offended.


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Published On: May 22, 2024